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because everything is better on two wheels.

Love Letter to Plywood. By Tom Sachs from Tom Sachs on Vimeo.

for the love of plywood

Corel-Draw-Blippo-bold ‘74. Thanks to Mr. Furia for this gem. At the least, appreciate the design details created by those before you. 



Good Judgment Comes from Experience, but Experience Comes from Bad Judgment
You can read lots of books or blogs about being an entrepreneur but the truth is you’ll really only learn when you get out there and do it.  The earlier you make your mistakes the quicker you can get on to building a great company. - Mark Suster

people are not this cool anymore.



In honor of my current travels.

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GTB, Grey, Red, Corretto (by Baum Cycles)

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Dr. Dog on Valentine’s Day with the wife. (Taken with instagram)